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Andie Gatti is an ex-compositor (an extinct tribe who put newspapers in readable format before the days of computer pagination) and ex-journalist working in public affairs.

Her constant companion, Arthur, a.k.a., rheumatoid arthritis, joined her when she was 9, nearly 39 years ago.

Andie and Arthur were brought up by a family of “gypsies” in various towns in Australia’s northern tropics.

They now live in a unit with a lovely courtyard garden in Brisbane, the capital of sunny Queensland.

Even though Arthur put paid to Andie’s teenage dream of becoming a rock chick – but that could be more to do with her tone deafness and inability to play a guitar – he hasn’t stopped her living life to the full.

She’s travelled to 27 countries, moved house 15 times, completed an apprenticeship, graduated from university, head banged at 2 Acca Dacca concerts, hiked in the Blue Mountains, laughed at every Stephanie Plum book but hated the movie, and cried when McSteamy died.

Andie credits her fabulous family and friends and spectacular support crew of general practitioner, rheumatologist, physiotherapists/personal trainers, podiatrist, optometrist and orthopaedic surgeons for the, despite its ups and downs, well-balanced relationship she has with Arthur.