Even Supergirl needs to pace herself

Sometimes I forget about Arthur.

I don’t mean I ignore him or pretend he’s not there, because I do that most of the time, anyway.

I mean I actually forget I have rheumatoid arthritis.

Sometimes I’m enjoying myself so much or I’m so motivated to get stuff done that I forget my strength and stamina aren’t that of an Arthur-less person.

I throw caution to the winds.

I’m like Supergirl: able to lift a bus with one finger while leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

Take last Saturday, for example, I was up at 7.30am after a late night socialising and by the time I got to my PT session at 9.30am had done two loads of washing, stripped the bed, tidied up and written the grocery list.

After some strenuous PT, I traipsed around two shopping centres for three hours searching for cushions to zhoozh up my lounge suite and for food for the week.

Back home, I had lunch while unpacking the groceries, and doing another two loads of washing and hanging it out to dry.

Then I spent two hours weeding, re-potting some herbs and watering the garden.

Did I do the sensible thing and use my padded kneeboard to kneel down instead of bending over while re-potting, or the digging tool to prise free the pesky nut grass roots instead of straining my poor fingers?


Did I go to bed early to rest my weary bones after all this frenetic activity?


Instead, after making dinner and my bed, I sat on my new lounge cushions watching telly until late.

So yesterday I felt like a beach ball that’d been run over by a dune buggy – flat and no bounce.

But that’s OK.

Every now and again I need to be reminded that even Supergirl hits the wall when exposed to kryptonite.

So while my kryptonite, a.k.a. Arthur, shouldn’t stop me living life, I need to remember not to overdo it, listen to my body, pace myself and rest if I must.

8 thoughts on “Even Supergirl needs to pace herself

  1. You are pretty amazing Andie, I have to remind myself I’m not superwoman too and that I can feel like a deflated beachball sometimes too, however, your energy is awesome, and glad I can spell zhoozh now hehehehe hugs x

  2. Easy done Super Girl. I bet you went to bed Saturday feeling a great sense of achievement. That’s rewarding for the soul. Sunday was rest day anyway. Sometimes I think it’s better to go for it until you drop as long as you’ve schedule in an ‘I’m dead’ day. I get more done that way than spreading things out.

    • True, GS. I did feel like I’d achieved heaps. Great idea about scheduling in an ‘I’m dead’ day. Then you wouldn’t feel guilty about cancelling any plans.

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