Putting my best foot forward

Dodgy feet.

Dodgy feet.

Last week I heard a rumour my favourite shoe store may have to shut up shop because the lease on its city premises is nearly finished.

I know this sounds a typical first-world problem but as a woman with dodgy feet who finds it hard to find comfy-but-fashionable, larger-than-average, extra-wide shoes that fit full-length orthotics, the news is devastating.

As a time-poor wage earner, the ability to pop in and try on my favourite brand of footwear in my lunch break or on the way home from work has been ideal.

I’ve discovered the hard way it’s not a good idea to order online without trying before buying.

This may work for a few canny eBayers who’ve bought my rejects for a song but not for me.

Apart from the right fit dilemma, my fashionista friends tell me shoes can make or break an outfit so they need to look good, too.

And even I know your footwear pretty much determines your personal style.

So the pressure’s on to buy those perfect shoes but in my case my dodgy feet, not my footwear, determine my personal style.

Back in the day I had no choice but to wear my ra ra skirt or my stonewash jeans with “granny shoes” and pretend it was a fashion statement.

Thankfully things have improved in the footwear stakes, even for grannies, and while still a niche market, problem feet can step out in a variety of comfy-yet-presentable, and even cool, shoes.

With a bit of trial and error, I’ve found various Dr. Martens, particularly the long, zip-up boots; 8-holes and Mary Jane styles; and some Ziera (formerly Kumpfs) and Frankie 4 shoes are the best fit for me and my quirky style.

I guess I may just have to venture further afield to find a store stocking my faves.

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